Introduction: The Advanced Airsoft Guide

In this guide i will teach you more advanced airsoft skills than most "Beginners Guides". If you are reading this you should at least have basic knowledge of airsoft. if not, we will review during the next step.

Step 1: Basic Review

You must have SAFTEY to have FUN! The most important part of airsoft is having a good mask or pair of goggles. Beyond this most other safety equipment is optional. One thing you should have is a pair of gloves to protect your hands. You will also need a variety of equipment.
- mask or goggles
-airsoft gun
-secondary weapon
-extra magazines
-tactical vest
-rubber/foam knife
-ghille suit
Even with the right equipment you still need a good place to play. Most towns have a nearby airsoft field where you can play for a price. If space permits you may also play in yours or a friends backyard. Always make sure to alert neighbors if playing in a yard. If cops do show up yo should drop your guns and do as they ask. one last safety rule is that you cannot shoot within 15 feet. if yo are at this range yell bang/surrender the first person to yell this stays alive.

Step 2: Choose Your Class

Every airsoft player should be a certain class. Each class plays a specific role on the field. 
The rifleman is the main unit on the battle field. They do the majority of the fighting and there main goal is to perform objectives. This means they do whatever the main objective of the game is. This can be anything from killing all enemies, to capturing a flag. The rifleman uses mainly assault rifles and pistols as secondaries. The majority of a team should be rifleman.

The CQB class focuses on close quarters combat. There job is to clear building and breach rooms. This is the most inexpsensive class. The CQB class uses mainly SMGs and shotguns. They should also have a pistol for a secondary. 

Machine Gunner
Machine gunners use heavy machine guns. They provide suppressing fire to allow for riflemen to advance. They also help defend positions by gunning down advancing enemies. The Machine gunner should also carry a pistol like all other classes and have a lot of extra ammo.

The sniper is a stealthy class that uses high power sniper rifles. The snipers role is to attack entrenched enemies and take out important targets such as medics and VIPs as well as killing enemy snipers. A sniper should have a SMG as a secondary for close combat and use good camo. A ghille suit is not needed but is a good idea to have.

The grenadier is the heavy weapons class. They use multiple grenade launchers, Landmines, Grenades, and other "explosives"
The grenadiers purpose is to attack entrenched infantry and decimate the enemy ranks. The grenadier should also carry a shotgun or rifle to use for defense.

A good team has all or most of these classes. Examples of each classes guns are int he pictures above.

Step 3: Tactics

Tactics are what decides who wins an airsoft battle. The most basic tactic is advancing around both flanks of your enemy and surrounding them. This will work against most inexpirienced teams. Another good tactic is to sneak snipers behind enemy lines and attack from behind. A good way to learn good tactics is to look p battle from Vietnam, WWII, The Civil War, and other wars. Use this to find what works and what dose not. I will not reveal many tactics in this guide because the right tactics depend on your team. The one main step to any tactic is to strike swiftly and stay on the attack. If you do not have the firepower to stay on the attack you should use geurella tactics. 

Step 4: Organization

A good airsoft team must have organization. Without it tatics would be useless. Every team needs a general to command squads. You should have 3 to 10 squads of 3 to 5. Each squad is controlled by a squad leader. Each squad should be made up of mostly rifleman and 2 other classes. snipers should stay away from their squad but remain near. Ranks should be given from command and combat skill. Each leader should have a walkie talkie and know a backup leader to take their place if they die. If your team is small you may have only 1 squad for squad on squad warfare.