The Alaskan Scrambler

Introduction: The Alaskan Scrambler

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Do you need to race across the Alaskan tundra to help a injured friend? Just put this little ATV together and you'll get to your destination.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts.

Setting up your parts in this order is not super important, but it is handy.

Here are the links to the Lego sets that I used parts from.

Fire Chief Car

Arctic Snowmobile

Step 2: Assemble the Wheels and Skis.

Step 3: Install the Skis and the First Set of Wheels.

Step 4: Put the Black Piece on the Wheel Base.

Step 5: Add the Orange Piece, and Install the Whole Unit to He Main Chassis.

Step 6: Put the Main Piece for the Front Together.

Step 7: Put the Outer Trim Piece On. and Install the Headlights and the Handle Bars.

Step 8: Install the Unit That You Just Built.

Step 9: Build and Install the Tail Light Ensembly.

Step 10: Add the Black Piece.

Step 11: Install the Rear Fenders.

Step 12: Put on the Angle Plates.

Step 13: Put on the Engine.

Step 14: Install the Roll Bar.

Step 15: Put on the Little Grippy Guys.

Step 16: Put Tools in the Grippy Guys.

Step 17: Snap on the Chain.

Step 18: Install the Control Panel.

Step 19: ALL DONE!!!

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