Introduction: The AlexaPi

In this tutorial we will be looking at how to create you very own amazon echo with the raspberry pi.

I call it AlexaPi!!!!

Step 1: Initial Stuff to Gather

For this build you will need some hardware.

1.) Speakers, preferable USB powered, not powered, and able to connect to 3.5mm jack

2.) Micro SD card at least 8GB, I used 32GB, and Class 3 or higher. I used ScanDisk Extreme

3.) Raspberry pi at least B+, I used v3

4.) Mini microphone. I used one I got off of amazon that was small USB one. I will have a link later

Step 2: Create Amazon Developer Account

Next you will need to go to the link below and create an amazon developer account.

Amazon Developer

Step 3: Follow the Tutorial

Follow the tutorial in my video I made for youtube and you should have it up and going soon!!

Enjoy your Alexa Pi!!

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