Introduction: The Alpha Male

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Hello Instructables, it has surely been a while! 
So I've gotten out of the cycle of making knex guns, but modifying nerf guns is still a thing I do! Nerf wars and modifying nerf guns is a hobby of mine, and it's escalated quite a bit to a point where my guns are getting very good! 

So behold, the alpha male, a modified Nerf Alpha Trooper. I played off of the alpha trooper name to name my gun the alpha male, as it is almost the best weapon I have. So besides the paint job, what's new? Quite a bit, actually. 

To start with, this nerf gun shoots as far as your high end knex gun. We're talking ranges around, about 80 feet angled, and around 95 with Nstrike Elite darts. How does this gun have this kind of power? Well, I thank Orange Mod Works for most of it. 

Orange Mod Works makes custom mod kits for specific nerf guns. Mine is obviously the nerf alpha trooper, and my kit is called 'Stage 1 Unleashed'. Normally in a nerf alpha trooper the spring is around a 2.5 kg spring, meaning you need to pull back with 2.5 kg force. But the stage 1 kit offers a 5 kg spring, so twice the power of a stock gun! The air restrictors are also removed.
Also in the orange mod works kit I bought, Is a full metal alloy trigger catch, with a 2x catch spring for it. 

For the looks of the gun, I have obviously, painted it! It is painted with green and gold spray paint. To protect it is painted over with a clear coat made for wood, but works just as good with plastic. 
With my friend sugru, which I just bought some of, I attached a Canada pin to the side of my gun because I like showing that I am a Canadian and proud of it! 
The name 'The Alpha Male' is put on the side of the pump. I just used sharpie for that. 

Comfort modifications are done purely with sugru. I added some on the trigger and it now fits my finger perfectly, and there is some on the handle so it fits my left hand better. The handle was slightly uncomfortable before.

The only other thing I have done is pad the inside of the plunger so it does not hit the plunger tube so hard. 

So yes, this is my gun! In the last picture here, shows the nerf hailfire I bought. VERY good gun stock. Being a n strike ELITE gun it shoots almost as far as my alpha male here. And get this, the gun is STOCK!! The thing also holds 8 clips, for a maximum dart capacity of 144 darts with 18 round clips.
If somebody wants me to get in detail on the hailfire and do a review, I would be glad!