Introduction: The Amazing Rubber Band Slingshot Guide!

Hey, and welcome to my first instructable, in this instuctable I'll teach you the in's and out's of the amazing Finger Powered Rubber Band Gun! From ammo to targets and everything in between!
But, bear with me as this is my first instructable

Step 1: Materials

To have fun with your rubber band, first you need the materials, a regular rubber band you find anywhere works. You also need 1 small square or paper and/or 1 small square of aluminum foil.

Step 2: Making the Ammo

To make the ammo, take your peice of paper or aluminum foil and start folding lengthwise as far as you can, then fold the foil in half to make a V shape, and then your done!

Step 3: The Rubber Bands

The rubber bands are simple but effective, when you break a rubberband, take 2 clothpins and attatch the rubber bands sides to make a higher powered gun. Any rubber band will do, but one that can fit your hand!

Step 4: Holding the Gun

To hold the rubber band, take your index finger and your thumb and make a very wide V shape with it, then put the rubber band around both of your fingers and your ready to go!

Step 5: Firing

To fire, do step four then hook a type of ammo onto the rubber band, pull back, aim, and FIRE!

Step 6: Modifying

Modifying ammo is easy to do but it can really hurt! The modifiations i do to my ammo is but a paper clip inside the bullet, sticking out of the end and wrapping it in tape, but, bullets can be made out of anything, so expariment and try.

Step 7: Disclaimer

Warning! These things hurt! I am not reponsible for any injury that occurs when playing with this. I am also not responsible for your actions wich result in any fines or trouble.