"The Apple Doesn't Fall Far": Revolving LEGO Isaac Newton Figure

Introduction: "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far": Revolving LEGO Isaac Newton Figure


this Lego model features a moving “trammel of Archimedes” that lets Newton revolve and the famous apple falls onto his head. There is an attached design plate for the tree to sit on. The model is paper and soft clay that lets him move around with ease.

Step 1: Trammel of Archimedes


Trammel of Archimedes

Follow the link to jkbrickworks.com http://jkbrickworks.com/lego/customs/1520/1520tra...

to find the instructions/assembly for the moving “trammel of Archimedes” *special pieces may be required for this part. Your finished product should look like the above.

Step 2: Design Plate


Design plate

Now that the trammel is built, we will now build the attached field/tree.


6x6 green plate

8x16 green plate

2x10 flat lego brick

2x6 flat lego brick

2x4 lego brick (x3)

2x2 lego brick (x4)

2x3 lego brick (x2)

Lego branches, green, assorted

Round 4 implant legos (x8)

Building instructions

1. Take your 8x16 plate and flip upside down, attach a 2x2 on each corner

2. Place 4x2’s on 2 corners of the 6x6 plate, & attach 2x3’s on the others, it should look like the 2nd picture

3. To connect on the top, take your 2x10 & place horizontally across both plates and then place the 2x6 vertically on top of that

4. Use the last 2x4 brick by placing it on a corner vertically of the 8x16 plate

5. For the tree, stack the round legos and place branches interspersed to give realistic look. Add red balls for the apples on the tree

6. Place tree kitty corner of the 4x2 brick

Step 3: Newton Figure




Model magic (red blue black),Googly eyes, printer paper, cotton balls, hot glue gun

1. Using crayola model magic (blue), mold 2 blue oblong ovals and a short cylinder

2. Place the ovals to either side of the cylinder to make the body, roll 2 black balls for his feet to place on bottom and mold a tie for his suit

3. For his head, print out a cube template & fold into a cube (may require tape). Template here http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6VwL1ceCZX8/TzHERTkd06I...

4. Hot glue cotton balls on his head for a powdered wig as well as the googly eyes for his face

5. Hot glue his head to his body & add an apple to his head for the finished product

Step 4: Putting It All Together


Putting it all together

1. Use an extra connector, place it in the middle of the trammel handle

2. Take a Lego rod &stick it in the connector

3. Slide Newton on top of the rod(kind’ve like a skewer)

4. Now place the field component onto the trammel. The vertical brick should be placed under the corner of one of the 4 plates of the trammel so that the 2x4’s 1st row fits right under

Now you're done, test it out and have fun!

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