The Art of Lighting a Christmas Tree: Vertical Vs. Horizontal

Introduction: The Art of Lighting a Christmas Tree: Vertical Vs. Horizontal

I have been reading up on lots of holiday decorating tips and ideas, and came across an interesting idea that had never occurred to me: HANGING YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS VERTICALLY.  I can honestly say a light bulb went off in my head after reading that. It makes sense, how come I’ve never heard of it? Well who knows the answer to that, but more importantly does it make a difference?  Some light research on the matter seems to say it DOES make a difference which way you hang your lights, as big time pro decorators all seem to use the vertical light hanging method. Being the hands on person that I am I had to try it out for myself and compare!
Horizontal Method (With and without lights on) Pictures 3 & 4
Vertical Method (With and without lights on )Pictures 5 & 6

Hopefully you can see the difference in the hanging. The horizontal lights create an obvious swirl effect (as seen in the pictures) leaving gaps of tree in the dark, and would probably be difficult to fill in with extra lights.  The vertical light method, which seemed more time intensive, appears to be the give most comprehensive coverage. (Note that towards the bottom right is where the strand ran out of lights!) Additionally, it was easier than walking around and around the tree hoping you got in the right set of branches.

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