Introduction: The Avocado Burger

Well, here we go. The weirdest burger (probably) you have ever seen. At least the bun, that is.

It's an avocado! ("thaaaaanks!")

This is basically your favorite average burger recipe, with a big honk of healthy fat avocado instead of Wonder Bread. Now, don't get me wrong, bread is great! I am not saying I avoid bread. This is just a cool meal to have in the rotation. You can't toast a slice of avocado and spread jam on it (now someone's going to try that...gosh), but it's nice with a burger patty and fixins' of your choice. Heck, you can use a veggie burger (pictured), a turkey/beef/chicken burger, some grilled chicken, fish, or even make a BLT with it! It's your avocado, baby. You do it just how you like.

Look at that! Avocados are on sale! Buy a bunch and go green. Green buns, that is...

Step 1: Buy a RIPE Avocado

When you're at the store, gettin' great deals on these beauties, make sure you know what ripeness they need to be. I hated avocados when I was little, only because the first one I tried was under ripe! Over ripe is even worse.

The rule of thumb is...use your thumb!

Press down on the avocado with your thumb, and if it's SLIGHTLY soft (not rock hard, not squooshy), then buy it, if you're making it soon. If you're planning on serving the avocados later than that, then by a firmer one.

Step 2: Cut It Open and Scoop

Slice the avocado from top to bottom through the middle, and then carefully scoop out the whole half INTACT.

You should be left with two halves of "skinned" looking avocado.

Step 3: Get Out Your Burger Patty

I used a veggie burger patty, but you can use whatever you like, as I said in the intro.

Cook it to your own taste, just how you like it.

Step 4: HUNT Down Your Toppings

See what I did there? A ketchup pun. haha.

Anyway, PRODUCE whatever veggies you like on a typical burger (more puns).

Then get out your sauces of choice.

OOH! And don't forget the sesame seeds, if you want that iconic burger bun look.

Step 5: Top It Up

Artistically squirt on condiments in that handy little hole already in your avocado half. Just the right size!

Arrange the veggies however you like (florist-style, or just dump it).

Step 6: Protein Time

Burger on top of the shrubbery, and cheese (if desired) on top of patty.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Top it off with the other half of the avocado, sesame seed it up, and you're done!

(A toothpick keeps it from sliding around too much, and you can decorate it more!)

Hope you enjoyed making it, and I hope you enjoy eating it!

Bon Appétit!

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