Introduction: The BEAST - Bart's Eight Arrow ShooTer

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It doesn't happen often to me being really satisfied with a project, or calling one of my own projects 'megacool'.
This time it's different! I'm proodly presenting you my newest deadly weapon: The BEAST - bart's eight arrow shooter ;-)
Cool, fast, simple, powerful, accurate!

All you need:
- a climber's eight / figure eight / abseilacht
- a strong rubber band
- some paracord
- a few stretchers
and of course, a few arrows

Step 1: Prepare the Band

Cut the rubber band in two.
Prepare a piece of paracord: three inches long.
Fix the paracord to the rubber bands: two eight knots, two stretchers.
Cut the excess cord & stretchers. Burn the tips of the paracord.

Step 2: Fix the Band to the Eight

Use stretchers: easy & solid!

Step 3: Shooting Time!

The BEAST is ready, you never imagine how effective it is!

Tip: if you add a coil with some lengths of fishing wire you'll have THE tool to go creek fishing!
I know what I'm gonna do one of the following nights ;-)

Thanx again for watching, and thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to all subscribers. I appreciate, really ;-)

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