Introduction: The Back Saver

I designed this laptop stand so that I didn't have to keep looking down at the screen of my laptop while home during the Covid-19 outbreak.


The supplies needed will depend upon the size of the stand you decide to make. You will need various length 2x4s, ply wood and screws.

Step 1: Cutting

Cut a rectangle to fit your laptop, out of the plywood. Next, cut 4 legs at the height that you want from the 2 x 4s. Make sure the legs are all the same height. Set those aside. For the supports, cut 2x4's into three pieces: One piece is two inches shorter than your laptop plywood base width. The other two pieces' length will depend upon the dimensions of the plywood top. Those pieces should be approximately 5 inches shorter than the depth of the plywood top, allowing for support and overhang.

Step 2: Building and Attaching the Supports

Attach the two shorter 2x4 supports to the longer 2x4 support so that they form a "U" as seen above in the first photo on the left. Then, screw the U form onto the piece of plywood so that the U form is centered.

Step 3: Attaching the Legs

Now, lay the legs that you have put aside, on the plywood as seen above and screw the legs onto the supports.

Step 4: Now You Are Done

Step 5: (if the Height Is Wrong Some Suggestions)

if its to short use duck tape to make up the diference.

if its to tall take off the legs and trim them to a new height then reattach them to the supports.

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