Introduction: The Bayonax - When Thor Meets Bushcraft

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Last week we had the worst weather ever in many years, over here in North France. Heavy showers, thunder & lightning, heavy wind, total apocalypse.

Water levels rose rapidly when I was on my way home, and all of a sudden I saw much too late that the road was blocked by a blown away willow. The road was covered by almost 30cm water and when I started to drive backwards I saw the driver behind me, trying to do his best to get his car started. Small car, soaked engine - I've got a small van, my engine could support even 30cm more but the water was really rising rapidly.

Moving the tree manually wasn't an option, the only way out was to cut it apart & force the passage.

But, the only tools I got in my van were metalworking tools. There was no saw, no axe or machete. Only hammers, drills, welders, grinders etc.

And my Hultafors survival knife. Always have that on you, or near you - it's not a survival knife for nothing.

So I grabbed a hammer, some duct tape & my knife and married them together in a kind of neo-apocalyptic zombiekiller.

I asked the other driver to attach his car to my van while I attacked that tree with my new tool.

I don't know if it was because the tool on itself was just great, or because I was soaked by adrenalin, but after 15 minutes the road was free and we managed to get out of the sink.

Thank you, Hultafors & hammer. And duct tape.

Urban survival. I didn't see that coming.

I won't learn you how to fix a hammer to a knife with tape, in this I'ble, but I will show you how to upgrade your knife into a real hacking beast.

Step 1: My Divine Hammer

This project can be resumed in 'hacking a hammer', in fact - in this case a cheap 'Magnusson' carpenters hammer, whatever.

Cut off the tip & make a groove in what's left of it. Angle grinder, you need it.

This groove will block the blade and keep it straight. Without works, but the blade will likely move sidewards and all you risk is demolishing your knife.

Width: at least the same as the thickness of your knife.

Depth: 10mm is okay.

Grind the edges & you're done.

5 minutes. Easy & brutal.

Step 2: Hultafors

This brand might be known by some of you, but I just met it a few months ago when I visited a new retailer of hardware.

I stumbled upon the so called 'plumbers knife' (the grey one), fell in love immediately, bought it, used it, abused it, started research, discovered the 'heavy duty' GROVKNIV, couldn't believe my eyes, watched every test on the net, ordered it & fell in love once again.

Compact, indistructable, sharp & useful. And cheap. Hultafors.

For a few months, this grovkniv is always been on my side and it has already saved my life - or at least my van - once.

Watch the net, watch the comparisons with the MORA & ESEE & make your own opinion.

Cost: 11 euro.

Cost: 11 euro.

Cost: 11 euro.

I had to write this 3 times because for that ridiculously small budget you'll definitely own the best bushkraft aka survival knife ever.

But make your own opinion, anyway.

Step 3: Beauty & the Beast

Fix the knife to the hammer with paracord or duct tape and wonder what you've just been doing.

Fishermens knots. Be careful not to cut your arm off while knotting..

Use it, this tool. Go hack down a tree & enjoy the doing.

With a bushkraft knife, yeah right.

In the video I made the comparison between the Hultafors plumbers knife (with file), the Hultafors heavy duty grovkniv and the Hultafors bayonax (bayonet & axe, sorry I didn't have better...).

Attacking a piece of wood with a bushkraft knife on its own is just ridiculous, as shown. But with a bayonax, well, it's kinda different. And just awesome to do, btw.

The bayonax has the advantages of a bushkraft knife & an axe. There's no knife that will do both. Or the knife is big & heavy & perfect to make beaver dams, or it's small & handy & only useful to make viking beer mugs. But crossovers, nah!

With this combination you can do both. Easy & peasy.

Don't want to carry a hammer with you? Be creative with a piece of wood, at least you learned that you don't hàve to lose the game..

Enjoy this one guys, & let me know what you're thinking about it.

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