Introduction: The Banana Bank

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If you are trying to save up some money then you might want to try making your own interactive banana piggy bank. This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to make this fun piggy bank by using the Touch Board Starter Kit. Who knew saving money could be so much fun?

This project was created in collaboration with Giulia Galli .

Step 1: To Begin With You Will Need

1x Touch Board

1x Electric Paint 10ml


1x Touch Board Starter Kit

1x crocodile clip

1x needle threader

(yellow and brown) cardboard


Step 2: Build the Inside Layer

We start off by building our banana. First, download and print out this file here .

Use this printout to cut the shape out of the (ideally) yellow cardboard. Also, make sure to cut out the slits and holes of the shapes. Once you’ve got your cutout, start shaping the little box and fix its tabs with glue.

Once you’ve got a nice little box, paste it to the large cardboard piece, take care to match up the holes.

Step 3: Applying Electric Paint

It’s time to use some Electric Paint!

First, take the needle threader, bend its flexible part, and insert it into the hole in the little box assembled in the previous step. Use glue to fix the needle threader body to the cardboard.

Use the Electric Paint to draw a path from the needle threader to the hole at the centre of the large cardboard banana. Make sure to apply some Electric Paint to the needle threader to ensure a stable path.

Step 4: Shape the Banana Bank

We’re nearly done with the banana! Simply shape the body of the banana bank and fix the tabs to the form with some glue. Keep an eye on the Electric Paint, chances are that you might interrupt the path when folding. Simply reapply Electric Paint on parts where you think the path is broken.

Also, you can cover the stem of the banana with a different coloured cardboard, for example brown, or give your banana a complete makeover. Be creative!

Step 5: Load Sounds

Now it’s time to upload your selected feedback sound onto the Touch Board. If you haven’t changed the MP3 files on the Touch Board before, have a look here .

You can search for sounds online, or record your own. You can also use this free online tool to crop your MP3s to the desired length.

Step 6: Connect Touch Board

Once you have uploaded your sound effects to your Touch Board, you can connect it to the banana. Attach one end of the alligator clip to the banana bank, through the hole with the Electric Paint, and the other end to the corresponding electrode of the Touch Board.

Step 7: Connect Audio and Power

Plug your speakers into your Touch Board and also plug in the Micro USB cable to power your Touch Board.

Step 8: Your Banana Bank Is Ready

Your banana piggy bank is ready to go! Turn on your Touch Board and add your first coin in your banana piggy bank.

If you have decided to not make a banana piggy bank and instead create your own design, we’d love to see what you’ve made! Simply send us your images or videos on Instagram or Twitter or email us at