Introduction: The Basic Paracord Survival Snare

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What is better than trapping and survival combined? Not much!!! above is a video by Blake Alma constructing the basic paracord survival snare.

The basic paracord survival snare is a noose tied to a stick that is anchored in the ground. It is designed to trap a small game animal by the neck. This snare trap is ideal for trapping chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits. I typically use this snare to trap squirrels. I would recommend setting this snare in an area with high squirrel traffic, often by a red or white oak tree. Red and white oak trees shed acorns that squirrels love to consume. Squirrels are high in protein making it a great survival food. You will need the following items to build this snare:

  • Paracord
  • A 1-foot branch, that is also 1 inch in diameter
  • Two thin twigs that are “Y” shape
  • A knife

Step 1: Sharping Your Branch

After finding your trapping location, take your branch that is a foot long and make a point on one end using your knife. This will enable you to anchor the stick into the ground.

Step 2: Making a Groove

Make a circular groove slightly below the other end of the branch. This is where you will be tying your noose to.

Step 3: Paracord

Take 16 inches of paracord. Take out one of the seven inner strands in the paracord. This will be your noose.

Step 4: Making the Mini-Loop

Tie a small loop on one end of the paracord strand. Be sure it is very tight.

Step 5: Making the Noose

Take the other end of the paracord strand and enter it through the small loop on the other side. You now have your noose.

Step 6: Tying Your Noose

Tie the noose around the groove of the branch. Make sure it is tight.

Step 7: Anchoring the Snare

Anchor the branch into the ground, in your trapping location. Be sure it is sturdy.

Step 8: Trap Them Squirrels!

Use your two small “Y” shaped twigs to hold the noose up, so the animal can walk through the noose correctly. You have successfully set up your snare.

The animal will walk through the snare and the noose will tighten as it walks through. This will get you the food you need to survive for additional time. I would recommend have more than one snare trap in use.

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