Introduction: The Basics of Adobe Premiere

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In this Instructable I'll be showing YOU, the viewer, the basics of Adobe Premiere.

What I'll be showing you is:

How to start new projects

How to cut certain parts out

How to add and remove audio

How to add effects and title screens

And how to Export your movie

Step 1: Opening the Project

First off open Premiere

A window will open asking you if you want a New Project, Open Project or Help, select New Project

Now a window will open, all you have to do is change where you want the project to save at the bottom, and the name of your project. After you made the changes, press Ok

Next you need to select your Sequence Presets. I always use Standard 48Hz under DV - NTSC, and change the Sequence Name, after press OK

Now the work space will open up, this is where all your work will take place

You'll have to import your video that you shot and saved. Click File>Import

The Import window will open and from there just find and open your movie

Now your movie will show up in the top left hand corner of your screen. It will be the second one on the list.

To get your clip onto the video track click and drag it over. Now from here you can edit and add effects to your clip.

Step 2: Cutting Parts

Now that you have your clip you can cut certain parts out.

The process is simple, find and select the razor tool

Find the part you want to cut out, or separate

This will make two clips now, you can delete the part you don't want

And this is how you cut parts out.

Step 3: How to Remove and Add Audio

Again a very simple process

To remove audio from the movie clip, right click on the clip, and select Unlink. This will make the audio and video separate from each other so you can delete one of them if you want. 

To delete anything from the workplace click on it and press the Delete key. 

Adding audio is the same process of adding your video, File>Import and then find your audio file saved.

Simple as that!

Step 4: Adding Titles Screens and Effects

To add Title Screens, simply click Title>New Title>Default Still

A window will open asking you the dimensions of the title and the name. Usually everything is preset so you just need to click OK, unless you want the name changed.

Now a window will open up and you can type anything, and change anything you want.

When your happy with your title, just exit the previous window and your title will show up where all the other clips show. To add it into your movie click and drag the title wherever you want it, just like you did with the movie clip.

To add Effects to your project is just as easy.

All your effect options are located on the left hand side of the work space, near the bottom.

You have many different options to choose from. Usually i just use Cross Dissolve for transition between title and clips of video. To add any effect simply click and drag it into the clip you want it in.

Step 5: Exporting

Exporting is how your video will be formatted to upload to the Internet.

To export click File>Export>Media

Now a window will open up. I always use YouTube Widescreen HD as my preset. After that I don't change anything, and click Export

Now a loading bar will open and when it's loaded your video will be exported! Simple as that!

Step 6: You're Finished!

I hope that I've helped you with your project!

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Thanks and have a great day!