The Basics of Knitting




Introduction: The Basics of Knitting

Knitting is a fun, productive, and relaxing activity. It can be time consuming, but is a good activity while watching tv. One of the best things about it is that you get something when you are done.

You will need:

A set of knitting needles


Step 1: Casting On

In order to start knitting, you need to get stitches onto the needle. This is called Casting on.

First: you need to make a slip knot, leave enough tail on the slip knot, as it will be used to cast on.

Slide the slip knot onto the needle like shown

Step 2: Casting on Pt. 2

Take and hold the yarn and needle like shown, the strand leading to the tail should be going around your thumb, and the strand leading to the rest of your yarn should be going around your thumb.

Step 3: Casting on Pt. 3

Next, you need to pass the needle under the yarn that comes from the tail and goes around your thumb.

Step 4: Casting on Pt. 4

Next, take the needle and pass it under the yarn that runs from your needle to your pointer finger

Step 5: Casting on Pt. 5

Take and pass the needle through the loop that your thumb makes with the yarn. Remove your thumb from the loop, and pull both the tail yarn and the yarn that leads to the rest of your yarn until both are taut. You have just cast on another stitch, repeat the casting on steps until you have the desired number of stitches

Step 6: The Knit Stitch Pt:1

The knit stitch is the basis of knitting and is what you use to do most of the knitting.

Here is how you do it:

take the needle and slip it into the first stitch on the row

Step 7: Knit Stitch Pt:2

Run the yarn around the rear of the needle in a counter clockwise fashion, and bring it back down to form a loop around the needle

Step 8: Knit Stitch Pt:3

Take the needle and push it through the original stitch and pull it off of the original needle

Step 9: Casting Off

Once you have reached your desired length, you need to cast off. This removes the stitches from the needle in a way that prevents them from coming undone

Here is how:

Knit two stitches, and insert the needle into the first stitch of that row

Step 10: Casting Off Pt:2

Take and slip the the second knit stitch through the first stitch and pull it off of the needle. Repeat until all but one stitch is left on the needle. Cut off any excess yarn and pass the strand through the remaining stitch. You have just completed your knitting project! There is a lot more about knitting, we have just scratched the surface, I highly recommend looking further into the world of knitting

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    This is a very well written intro. I have always been curious about how it worked but I never actually looked it up. Thanks for sharing.