Introduction: The Batlamp

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This is a fun and simple project made with MDF board and some LEDs I hope you enjoy the Batlamp as much as I did! ** I won't have pictures for most of these steps so read carefully **

Step 1: Gather Matierials

You will need:
- A sheet of MDF board (thickness doesn't matter much)
- A large sheet of paper
- "2.5 wide scrap wood
- black spray paint or chalkboard paint if you wanna be creative
- wire or strong string
- tape measure
- staples and staple gun
- sand paper

Step 2: Draw Logo

Find the perfect Batman logo of your choice, draw it out and cut it. Fold your paper in half then draw half your logo and cut it out that way so it's perfectly symmetrical.

Step 3: Cut It Out on MDF

Tape your logo to your MDF and begin cutting it out with a jig saw. Be sure to sand it after to get some nice, rounded edges. Also cut out three 2.5 inch wide spacers while you're here.

Step 4: Paint

Start by giving your logo an even coat of spray paint. If you think you'll need another coat then sand the entire logo very lightly with a smooth sand paper as you just want to take out the tiny bumps in the paint. Spray another coat and repeat the process for more coats.

Step 5: Spacers

Next you want to take your spacers and staple them to the back of your logo where they're evenly spread out with at least 2 on the top. Make your spacers so that they wont block too much light.

Step 6: Hanging

Staple your wire to the two top spacers so you can hang your logo on a nail later.

Step 7: Lights

Use velcro or glue to mount the LEDs or light to the wall or the logo in between the spacers

Step 8: Finish

Once you've got everything ready just hang it on the wall and flip the lights on.

Thank you for reading this instructable and I hope you all enjoy building this as much as I did!

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