Introduction: The Beautiful "Mitad Del Mundo" - Scene

For this project I decided to use TinkerCad because I am learning how to use it. I decided to design "La Mitad del Mundo" because I think it is one of the most representative places of Ecuador and I like it a lot. Eventhough this took me a lot of time, it was worth it. I used most of the shapes provided by TinkerCad which made my project easier.


An electronic divice and the TinkerCad app or website.

Link to TinkerCad:

Step 1: Look for All the Necessary Shapes

On the right side of Tinkercad you can see several shapes, you are going to from change basic figures to all, then you are going to look for the images you are going to use and put them in favorites. So that when you are doing a project you don't have to look for the figures one by one.

Step 2: Construction of the Base

After choosing the shapes we can start with our project the first thing to do is put the "grass" , just by putting a cube and lengthen it until it is the size of the work space, then put a long cube in the center with two others smaller cubes on the sides.

Step 3: Put Stairs and Other Necessary Shapes

Now that you have you base done in the front and in the back you are going to create the stairs they are already done you just have to adjust it size. Then on top of the small cubes that are in the both sides put a Doble Trapezoid in each side after that just put the shape which is holding the sphere. And you can add people which are called astrobots and trees. (optional)

Step 4: Change Colors

When you insert the shaoes they will usually be red and in this project we dont need red so you are going to click the shape you want to change the color and then a "menu" is going to appear and where it says solid you are going to select the color depending of the part of the monument like for the base you should use a dark gray, and then repeat that process which each shape.

Step 5: Fix Small Details and Align Everything

Now you should have comlpeted your monument it doesnt have to perfect : ). Dont forget to align and color everything as you want. Hope this help you and have a great day.

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