Introduction: The Best Coat Hook

This project will blow your mind on how simple yet aesthetic this design is. All your friends will be so jealous. You really need this to not just hang things but to keep the hip to the hop. This item will make your house one thousand times better!!!! It gets better all you need are very basic items such as junior hacksaw, pencil, ruler, paper, scissors, template and metal sheet. No matter where you live you can do this easily. Tell all your friends they can even do this even tell your Grandma. Your entire neighbourhood will go crazy to hang their coats on your hooks. Even though this is a school project it's not going to lose quality.

Step 1: Paper Model

To start this project you will need; paper, scissors, pencil and ruler. Mark out lines on paper using pencil and ruler using information on (add more here). Check your drawing and measurements if they are the same continue on if not redo first step. Next step cut along the lines using scissors. Finally fold along the lines

Step 2: Making the Hook in Metal

To start this you will need; Metal, scriber, steel ruler, junior hacksaw and a pencil.

Mark out template from paper using pencil and steel rule.

Check drawing and measurements if it doesn't match redo the first step if it's correct.

Draw the lines with the scriber over pencil using steel rule.

In the images above it doesn't matter what template these are examples

Step 3: Your Desgin

First get your template then draw the net which is the hook unfolded then proceed to do that on paper with pencil and ruler. Cut it out and fold the shape

When opening the picture click edit document

Step 4: Metal

Now that you know what you are doing, get the metal sheet and draw the net again but this time cut out your hook with the junior hacksaw. Before this step sand paper the metal to shine then get a scribe. Once you get the scribe go over the lines you made with pencil. Saw the lines with the hacksaw

after this sand paper the rough edges.

Once you have done this mark a point where you want the hole to be to hang it up.

Once you have done this make the hole.

Then put the metal in the vice and get a hammer, then use the fold lines to bend the metal with the hammer.

Before all of this use Emery cloth to clean the metal by rubbing it until the metal is shiny if it already I skip this step

Step 5: Adding Colour to the Hook

1) Put the metal in an oven at 400c for 20min

2) Once you have done this dip the metal in a fluidizer at halfway

3) Take out the metal out

Step 6: Making the Peg Board

  1. Get two different pieces of wood I personally chose oak and beech.
  2. Get a tri-square then mark the middle of the wood on all sides at the end you want to cut and connect the two pieces (do this for both)
  3. Etch the lines with a centre finder
  4. Once you have done this get a drill and drill the middle of the pieces, once you have done this see if they connect accurately if not get a small piece to fill in.
  5. Once you have done this get PVA glue and stick the sides together
  6. After this mark two holes in the middle about a third per one you only need two
  7. Once you have done this take two pegs and put PVA glue on them then hammer them in the gaps
  8. After that put furnishing oil on the wood
  9. After it has dried make two holes on one side of the piece next to each other
  10. Once you have made these holes and mark it before
  11. Take what ever you want as your pegs put them in the hole, I personally used wood

Step 7: Using the Metal Coat Hook

  1. Take a drill and drill 3mm in your wood on the same side
  2. Then get your coat hook made out of metal and should have a hole in the centre of the metal
  3. Then take a screw the size of 6x1/2 and take a drill and drill it in