Introduction: The Best Dang Butterbeer Outside of Hogsmeade

Butterbeer perfection! Worked on it after getting home from Universal, & this tastes exactly like theirs :) All hands on deck, Granger! Enjoy!

Step 1: Butterbeer

Add 5 tablespoons Butterscotch syrup (I suggest the brand Torani) and 1 teaspoon butter flavor to a 2L bottle of Cream Soda. Cap, & rotate entire bottle to mix it (shaking will make it flat)

Step 2: Froth

Mix the following in a Kitchen Aid or bowl until whipped:
- 1 tub Marshmallow Fluff (16oz)
- 2 cups Whipping cream
- 1 tbsp Powdered Sugar
- 3.5 tsp Rum Extract

Step 3: Enjoy

Pour Butterbeer in a glass, top with froth, & enjoy! Froth also goes really well on waffles, fruit, donuts, cookies, spoons...and basically everything else!

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