Introduction: The Best Marble Cannon Ever

The Best

Step 1: The Purpose of the Cannon

The cannon displayed on this website was designed to hit a target 2 to 5 meters away while producing accurate results. The following the will help instruct you to create a masterpiece like this one.

Step 2: The Materials

I- A base platform to sustain your cannon (The size is up to you to decide but make sure you have room to fit your whole cannon with extra space in case of error) as with extra wood to build the beams to raise your cannon.

II- For a purpose of a marble cannon, like this project, a 3/4 inch PVC Pipe would be most recommended but a 1/2 inch PVC Pipe should work. Roughly 2 meters long

III- 3 Hinges to fit the size of the PVC Pipe.

IV- 1-2 Springs recommended but depending on the power you wish to achieve you can decide the tension of the spring.

V- Wood Rod (Same size as PVC Pipe).

VI- A threaded metal rod (Preference on size).

VII- 4 nuts to screw around the rod (Should be equal size)

VIII- Buzzsaw, Drill, and many screws.

Step 3: Instructions to Build

I- We started by gathering all of our materials and laying them out.
II- We then started to prepare our materials by sawing them to the proper size

III- After cutting our 2 feet of PVC pipe in half, we use one of the halves as the barrel for the cannon. We attached the ring to the middle and connected the springs.

IV- We drilled a hole into our wood rod for our metal rod. We attached the opposite ends of the spring to that and secured it with nuts.

V- We attached a rubber butt to the end of the wooden rod. This allowed for the marble to stay set inside of the PVC pipe.

VI- We attacked the rod into the PVC pipe and screwed it into the other pipe using a hinge.

VII- We used hinges to connect the lower immobile PVC pipe into some wood planks.

VIII- We screwed the wood planks into the wood base of our cannon.

IX- After making sure everything was secure, we spray painted the base of the cannon black.

Step 4: The Results

These are the results of the best 3 shots of the 5 trials.

Step 5: Pictures