Introduction: The Best Mexican Chip Dip in the Whole Entire World! :) (well My World)

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 OK! So, are your chip dips boring and dull? Well then you need to try my family recipe chip dip! IT may not attract so much attention by its color, but it is delectable! :) Try it out, its simple and easy to make, and leaves your taste buds satisfied! :)

Supplies and Ingredients needed:
1) Bottle of PACE Picante Sauce, or close variations, I prefer PACE. You can adjust the type of sauce you like and how hot you like it. 
2) 2 Cheese Singles. More cheese if you wish for your dip to be more cheesy, or less for spicy.  
3) A Bag of Tortilla Chips
4) A Microwavable Bowl
5) A Spoon 
6) A Microwave! :) 

* Note none of the above ingredients depend on a specific brand or generic to make the dip taste better. The Dip is extremely adjustable, there is nothing you can do, within reason, to make the dip taste bad. Experiment! :)

*I Do Not recommend this recipe for any one who does not like spicy or moderately hot stuff! :) 

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Supplies.

 Once you have all of your ingredients together. As always, wash your hands, pull your hair back (if you have any), and lets get ready to rumble! :) 

Step 2: Dump Out Your Contents.

 Dump out the desired amount of salsa into a microwavable bowl! :) 

Step 3: Add the Cheese

Open the wrapped singles, and plop them on top of the salsa.  

Step 4: Let Technology Take Its Course.

Place the bowl into the microwave for a minimum of two minutes on high.  

Step 5: MIX IT!

Once the salsa is ready, take it out of the microwave, (careful its hot!) , and mix it with a spoon! :) 

Step 6: ENJOY!

Once you have mixed the salsa sufficiently, Take your tortilla chips, and dip it in the dip! :)  Simple, Fast, Easy, and delicious! :)

*Don't be afraid of the color of the salsa it's just cheese and salsa! Taste it and you won't regret it! 
Try many different variations or adjustments to the dip, like adding ground beef, and as always, enjoy!