Introduction: The Best No-Sew 20 Minute Tripod Quiver!

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No sew

Step 1:

Step 2: Measure/cut Fabric

In order to find how much fabric you need, measure the width at the widest point on your tripod and then measure the length. Add 10 inches to each measurement. My piece wound up being 31x28 inches.

Step 3: Hemming

There are many different types of fabric you can use for this so long as it's heavy with little stretch, but many of these tend to fray so to combat that just fold each edge over 0.5" and glue with your fabri-fuse. You can use pins to hold it while it sets.

Step 4: Making Pocket

Place your tripod in the center of your fabric with the top of the tripod meeting the top of your fabric. Fold the excess over the bottom and secure with glue as pictured.

Step 5: Marking Buttons

Roll the tripod up like a delicious photography burrito and mark with pins where you want your buttons and elastic loops. The buttons should be 1" away from the loops. There are only 3 pins pictured but I wound up adding a 4th for style

Step 6: