Introduction: The Best Oreo Balls

When I was high school I met one of my best friends. On special occasions she would make these delicious creations called Oreo balls. Before meeting her I never had the luxury to get to try these fantastic little balls of chocolate and cream.

One Christmas I said to her, "I need to be apart of this creation process." We went shopping and she showed me all the ingredients I needed to make these treats. We went home, and we went to work.

Over the years I have found my own ways to perfect these delicious balls more and am happy to show you what I have learned, and built on, to make these.

Step 1: Gather Equipment!

You will need to buy:

. 1-1/2 bricks of cream cheese, softened

. Chocolate Chips (optional)

. 36 Oreo Cookies, finely crushed (about 3-1/2 cups)

. 2-3 pkg. 4 oz. milk chocolate baking chocolate, melted

You will also need a:

. Food processor, or blender

. Wax paper

. A pan or plate

. Oven mitt or heat resistant glove

. Bowl

Step 2: Crush the Oreos!

Caution: Do not put hand in blender or food processor!

Put the Oreos into the blender or food processor and crush them till they are fine crumbs.

At this time also finely crush up some chocolate chips (if you chose to use them) to sprinkle on the Oreo balls later, or if you choose to not use chocolate chips you can save some cookie crumbs to sprinkle on instead.

Step 3: Mix Crumbs With Cream Cheese!

Alert: Make sure the cream cheese is softened. If the cream cheese is rock hard from sitting in the fridge it will make it harder for you to mix it with the cookies.

If you are choosing to use a food processor for the creation of this delicious treat, then add your cream cheese into the food processor with the cookie crumbs . If you are using a blender to crush up your cookies, then put the cream cheese into a bowl and add in the cookie crumbs.

Mix the cream cheese and the Oreo crumbs together well. Make sure they look uniform. The food processor will mix them together for you, but if you are hand mixing in a bowl make sure you spend some time to make sure they come together well. It should look like thick chocolate batter, yum!

Step 4: Roll the Balls!

Alert: To help the balls roll easier you might want to let them sit in the freezer for about five minutes. That way when you start rolling them they do not stick to your hand and make a mess. This part can get very messy and sticky and this helpful tip will make this step much smoother for you.

Get your plate ready so that you have something to put the balls on after you roll them.

Roll the balls into 48 (1-inch) balls and place them on the plate. Its OK if you want to make less in amount so that you can make them a little thicker. I have made anywhere from small bite size Oreo balls, to Oreo balls that take two or three bites to eat! Its all about your preference, quantity or size.

After you have rolled the balls, if you get the urge to devour a few do not hesitate, it means you have done this step correctly! Feel free to eat a few, I know I always do when I make them!

After you have snuck a few place them in the fridge for about 10 minutes.

Step 5: Melt the Chocolate!

Warning: Melting the chocolate can get hot so make sure you have an oven mitt or some kind of heat resistant glove!

Melt your chocolate in a microwave while the Oreo balls are hardening. You should only put the chocolate in the microwave for about 15 seconds at a time. Keep putting it on for 15 seconds and after each session check to see if the chocolate is fully melted. You do not want to under melt the chocolate, but you want to be cautious and make sure you do not burn the chocolate.

Alert: If you do burn the chocolate this can be fixed! Add a little bit of vegetable oil to the melted chocolate and stir. Keep adding small amounts at a time until the chocolate is fluid again and no longer burnt looking. Melting the chocolate is the hardest part in this creation due to how temperamental melting chocolate can be. Don't be discouraged if you burn your chocolate beyond fix! The great thing about this dessert is it is sitting in the fridge right now and not an oven, so you can run up to the store an get more chocolate if needed!

Once you have your chocolate melted you are ready to dip your Oreo balls!

Step 6: Dip the Oreo Balls!

Set up the wax paper on an open space. This will take up some room.

Take the Oreo balls out of the fridge and pick up each ball and drop it in the melted chocolate. Roll the ball around in the chocolate to make sure it gets a lot of thick delicious chocolate!

Take the ball out of the chocolate with caution so that you do not burn your fingers, because the chocolate may still be hot, and put it on the wax paper to dry.

Continue to do this for all of the Oreo balls.

While the chocolate is still unhardened this is when I like to add my own creativity to this yummy recipe and sprinkle the crushed chocolate chips or extra cookie crumbs on top of the Oreo balls. That way when they fully harden they have a little extra flavor and crunch to them.

Step 7: Let Them Sit!

Now here is the real hard part of this have to let the Oreo balls sit out for atleast an hour to make sure they harden perfectly. I have been impatient before and put them back in the fridge to hurry the process. If you have enough room in your fridge to hold a wax sheet of paper with 40+ oreo balls on them, then have no fear, it will not hurt the taste to speed things up.

Other than that, sit back, be patient, and in only one hour you will be eating one of the best little desserts.

If you feel creative then decorate! At christmas I have decorated them with red and green frostings, or if it is a kids birthday draw smiley faces on them, or for valentines day draw some hearts on them! There are so many ways to make these delicious balls your own and everyone will love your creativity!

These little oreo balls are great for parties or family events! Whenever I bring them anywhere they are the first to go! Your friends will absolutly love them. You can also keep them all to yourself if you choose and splurge on chocolate deliciousness (dont feel bad I've done that one too!)