Introduction: The Best Paper Football

In middle and high school we played a lot of different games to pass the time in between classes and assignments. These games would be in the classroom or in the cafeteria. This was before the time most of us had cell phones so we had to have some imagination to play games. Many of these games were very simple in nature and didn't require many materials. One of these games was Paper Football. Paper Football is a great game that simulates the real game of football. Many kids played with different rules and different sized footballs. These footballs ranged from very flimsy to oversize. It was rare to play with a perfect football, even though it was not that hard at all to construct. Many of the Paper Footballs I played with were constructed with staples and/or tape. If we were able to take some materials from the teacher without them catching us then we would. I wouldn't consider that stealing materials just borrowing materials. Some kids were also able to make the footballs without using tape or staples but this was very rare, and it turned out the footballs were not that great constructed this way.

There is great variety in making Paper Footballs, so for my project I am trying to standardize this process and make it simple as possible for all users. I will also try to make this Paper Football more durable than other designs by mixing tape and staples at key places in the construction process. After completing my instructions kids and sports fans will be able to play Paper Football with my design with very little building time.

Paper Football was a big part of my childhood and anyone in my generation who liked sports as a kid feels the same way. It was fun in class to imagine yourself in the NFL playing for the New England Patriots in the Superbowl. With this Paper Football you could simulate touchdowns and field goals. My goal in this instructable is to keep the game of Paper Football alive for future generations of kids with a well designed Football.

Step 1: Alerts

When constructing this Paper Football and while playing the game there is a couple of warning kids should aware of.

When handling paper, paper cuts are common and can happen. It is advisable to not rush this project and work slowly so you do not get cut.

Also staples are sharp and can cause cuts and punctures. Use caution when using the stapler and make sure your hand and fingers are not in the way.

Playing the game of Paper Football also comes with some small risks. The Paper Football can be sharp and pointy on the ends. Also the staples on the ball could be sticking out if made improperly. The tape should cover all of the staples.

Step 2: Equipment & Parts


  • Stapler
  • Scotch Tape
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors


  • Printer Paper

Step 3: Gather Materials and Start Construction

To start construction of the Paper Football you need to start with a normal piece of printer paper. Many kids use paper from notebooks thinking this paper is better but it is not. Notebook paper is much cheaper and does not make a quality Paper Football. Start by folding the paper football vertically from left to right. Make sure that the folds are equal. This is extremely important. It is essential to be precise and follow the instructions correctly in constructing this Paper Football.

Step 4: Fold Paper in Half Again Vertically

Fold the paper in half again vertically. This will get the Paper Football down to the size you want for play. At this point you are ready to start the more complex folding steps to get the piece of paper in actual Paper Football shape.

Step 5: Fold the Paper Diagonally

Fold the paper into a triangle shape starting from the top left corner. You will go from the top left diagonally to the bottom right. You will want to continue in keeping all the folds symmetrical and precise.

Step 6: Fold Paper Downward and Staple at Top Right Corner

Fold the paper from its current position downward. Take the triangle tip that is at the top of the paper and bring that vertically down. The paper will start to become much thicker and tougher. You will add a staple at the top right corner. This will add to the weight of the football and make sure the football stays durable for a long time.

Step 7: Flip Paper Over and Fold Again Diagonally

Flip the paper over so the backside of the staple is showing at the top left of the paper. Then you want to continue the fold by folding the paper from the top left corner to the bottom right.

Step 8: Fold Paper Downward Again

Fold the paper football downward again. Bring the triangle point that is at the top of the paper and fold it vertically downward.

Step 9: Flip the Paper Over One More Time and Then Fold

Flip the paper over one more time and then fold the top left corner downward diagonally to the right. At this point you have a thick football and some extra paper at the bottom.

Step 10: Cut the Extra Paper Off the Paper Football

Cut off the extra paper with a clean horizontal cut. This extra paper can be recycled and then you have a almost finished paper football.

Step 11: Staple the Paper Football Shut and Add Tape Over the Staples

Staple the Paper Football shut with three staples along the edge that is open. Then add small pieces of tape of the staples and then you have yourself a durable Paper Football.

Step 12: Write on the Paper Football

Write on the paper football with the sharpie the amount of downs each side will be. For a small table write 2 and 3 on the football. For a big table write 3 and 4 on the football. One number for each side. For those people that do not know how to play Paper Football here is a useful guide on the rules and how to play. You are now ready to play one of the best games there is with a great Paper Football.