Introduction: The Best Prank to Play on Friends Computer

This is a simple trick which the first time I tried I almost gave myself a heart attack

Step 1: First

  • First of all to play the best prank of 2019 on your friends you will need:
  • Access to their computer
  • A little (tiny) amount of knowledge of computers

Step 2: Getting Started

First of all you will need to open notepad. Next you will want to type:

tree C:\Windows

@echo off

echo Deleted


shutdown -f

Step 3: Next

You should have your notepad still open and unsaved. You will want to press: File, Save As, then you want to type anything (I am calling it FunTimes) then put .cmd on the end then you want to change Text Document .txt to All Files. Now press save and you should be ready for the next step.

Step 4: After That

Now when you open it you will see the results (SAVE EVERYTHING ON COMPUTER BEFORE OPENING). Now for the best result you will want to put it on their desktop and rename it or give it a shortcut and hide it. Now when your friend opens it he will have a heart attack.