Introduction: The Best Universal Duct-Tape Portable Videogame Holster Ever

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I just bought four rolls of duct tape, and needed something to do with it. My little brother was bugging my dad for a new 3DS case, so a little light bulb went off in my head, and I got right to work! Average time: 45 min - 1 hr.

Step 1: Materials

You will need
• A primary duct tape color (referred to here on in as Tape A)
• A secondary duct tape color (referred to here on in as Tape B)
• Console, games and in this case, a stylus.
• Pen and paper
• Velcro dots (2 is enough)
• OPTIONAL: Something to cut the tape with. I used my hands and found it to be easier.

Step 2: Take Some Measurements

Make some measurements of whatever you need to hold. Try to keep it wider rather than thinner, so there's a little wiggle room. The stylus is not as important, as we will only make a small holster/slot for it.

Step 3:

Use enough of Tape A to cover avout 2.5x the length (top to bottom) of the console, and make a sort of "cloth." Five pieces was enough for me. Don't worry about the ends not being perfect, we'll cover those up later. Place more tape on the cloth, sticky side to sticky side, to make a duct tape cloth, so to speak. Then, fold lengths of Tape B over the sides to A) cover up the ragged edges and B) to make it look cool. It should loosely hold the console folded over, with plenty of overhang.

Step 4: Make Game Slots

Make a small piece of duct tape loosely the dimensions of the game, with about the width of two pennies on any side. Then, use a larger piece to cover it. There should be a "U" shape of stickiness around a "cloth" portion. Stick that on the case, with the open end at the top. Continue until you reach the desired number of slots. My brother wanted six, so I made six slots in a 3x2 rectangle.

Step 5: Make Another Cloth Section

This one took me about two pieces lengthwise. Make it about 1cm longer than the body on each side.

Step 6: Add Tape and Attach

Put some of Tape B on all but one long side of the newly made cloth, as depicted. Fold the tape over on the body to attach the pocket to the body. This is where the console goes.

Step 7: OPTIONAL: Stylus Holder

Make a thin strip of tape (use the width of the roll as a length guide. 1cm is enough. Then, make another about 2cm in length. Stick the small one sticky-side to sticky-side on the other. Stick it to the main pocket. I made two.

Step 8: Add a Little Flair.

Down the middle, over Tape A, put a length of Tape B. Don't cover the edges (already covered with Tape B). Over those edges, cover with Tape A. Use the picture as a guide.

Step 9: Add Velcro® Dots/strips.

This is to ensure that nothing falls out. NOTE: Put the first dot on the top so you don't accidentally cover up the game pocket like I did.

Step 10: Final Product!

Fill the case with your swag and it's done! Also available in PSP flavour.