Introduction: The BestLT

This is the BestLT! As the name sugests it is the absolute best BLT your mouth will ever enjoy. Follow these steps so you can create your own very BestLT.


1/2 Big Red tomato

1 large Romane letuce leaf

two whole wheat slices of bread

1/4 cup of Mayo

2 slices of bacon

1 grill or smoker

1 plate

1 butter knife

Step 1: Toast!

To begin gather your materials and you are ready to go! put your two slices of bread in the toaster. set the toaster timer to about brown so that your bread isn't burnt but firm.(Look to picture above) While your bread is toasting work on the next couple of steps.

Step 2: Veggie Cut!

First, WASH YOUR VEGGIES. This is a very important step not just in making The BestLT but anytime you are working with fruits or veggies. Next, take your romane letuce and find a large leaf. Separate this leaf from the rest of the letuce and set it aside. Cut that leaf in HALF! This is so that you have full leaf coverage on your sandwhich but no letuce hanging off the sides. Take your freshly washed tomato and cut it in HALF. You will only be using one half of the tomato so you can save the other half for the next epic BestLT sandwhich. Take the half you are going to use and put it face down. Cut the tomato side to side until you have pretty evenly cut slices.(refer to the picture above if you are confused*) Set all aside for later.

Step 3: It's Bacon Time Baby

Now it's time for my favorite part... THE BACON! Turn on your grill to to way you like your bacon cooked. I use a Treager and that involves more steps than a normal grill. If you are concerned on how to grill your bacon look up your specific grill on the internet. Next open up the bacon package and put two pieces of bacon along the grill. Now this is a waiting game. Depending on how your grill works this could take between 10-20 minutes. I recomend checking on it every two to three minutes because it varies a lot. While the bacon is cooking do the next step.

Step 4: Mayo Mayo Mayo!

Now is time for the spread. take you mayo and distribute it evenly between the two slices of bread. Put the mayo on the face of the slice and spread it around evenly across the face with the butter knife.

Step 5: Time to Put the Pieces Together!

Take your bacon and break both of the pieces in half so that you have four smaller pieces of bacon. Lay them out on one face of the break trying to cover the whole face. Next take your tomato slices and your letuce and put them on top of the bacon. Take your other piece of bread and place it on top of the tomato and letuce. Press down with moderate force to make it thin enough to fit in you mouth and ENJOY!

I hoped this helped you feed yourself and brought a smile to your face.