Introduction: The Beverage Barge MK 2

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When i was sitting on my raft today, i realized i had a problem. I was in the middle of the and my drink was all the way on the other side of the pool! What am I, a lazy american, to do? INVENT!!! After many days of careful planning (half an hour) the beverage barge, mk 2, was born.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You will need:
- one noodle (make sure that the noodle is bigger then the can)
-one can (full preferably)
-one sharpie (the picture says a pencil but ignore that)
- four popsicle sticks (four for each barge)
-a kinfe (taller than than the can)
- a cutting board
-a hot glue gun (what craft would be complete with out one)

Step 2: Cutting the Huggy Thingy

This is the first part of the two part beverage barge

First mark a spot on the noodle using the can. There should be about a two inch overlap with the can and the noodle (see picture one or two).
Cut on the mark. (see picture three)

Next trace the can around the center of the noodle with the permanent marker (see picture four)

Now hollow out the center with the knife, this is hard not to cut thru the sides ( see pictures five thru seven)

Fit the can in the hole you've just made (see picture one)

Step 3: Cutting the Second Part

The bottom part of the beverage barge, the actual barge part

Measure out and mark about two can lengths on the noodle (see picture two)

Now cut on the line

Now cut the length that you just cut in half (see picture three)

Next Lay out the two peices you just cut side by side. (see picture one)

Now put the huggy part in the middle of the two noodles and trace around it. (see pictures four and five)

Cut the hole out that you just drew and put the huggie in it to make sure it fits, then take it out (see picture six)

Step 4: Making the Supports

Now were gonna construct the supports to hold it all together

This is the one simple step, glue the popsicle sticks as shown in picture one and let it dry

Step 5: Finished!!!

You've finished your very own beverage barge!!

The huggy part shuld fit rite into the barge part and not slip thru

Now you can float with your beverages!!!!

This is one of my frist instructables so please leave comments of how i could improve