Introduction: The Big Dipper

This is a project that’s reformed from the original one, ” Arduino Fireflies ” What I did is that I only changed the time Led flashes , design of the board and the number of Led, the code and anything else is basically same from the original "Arduino Fireflies".

The pictures and what I actually wrote maybe a little different due to the reason that I decided to add another Led lightbulb to make a Big Dipper. ( At first I only wanted to make some stars in the night sky, but then I changed my mind and decided to do a Big Dipper which acquires 7 of them.) So the numbers of everything must be 7 to do so.


The supplies you need for this one are:

7 resistors

7 jumper wires

1 breadboard

1 USB cables

8 breadboard wires

7 LEDs (white)

Step 1: Step 1 Building the Circuit

Just do it as the picture shows , or you can go to "Arduino Fireflies" to see how it's done.

Step 2: Step 2. the Code

It is the same as the original -Arduino Fireflies-

But I changed the time it flashes ( from 3000 ms to 1000ms) and I added one more Led

Step 3: Step 3. Decorating

In this part, I used a paperboard to poke 10 holes ( You can just do 7 ) and painted it using black, blue, and some white colors to create an image of the night sky and the sea.

Step 4: Step 4. Completing

Lastly, Just pop your led lightbulbs into the holes you poked through, and use some clay or tape to fix them. You’re done!!