The Bike Watch

Introduction: The Bike Watch

One of things that's bugged me in 30 odd years of riding a motorcycle is the lack of a clock. OK they fit a speedo, tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, voltmeter, but never a clock. After many years of improvisation I came up with this simple solution.

This of course will fit on any 22mm tube so is suitable for cycles, scooters, or even walking sticks or ski poles.

Step 1: Components

1, a small watch,

2, 19mm terry clip, for 1" bars use a 25mm clip

3, sticky back foam pad,

4, 2 zip ties, approx. 2mm wide

Step 2: The Watch

The watch should be of the type with two "ears" holding the strap on, as the zip ties are fed through to secure to the terry clip.

This is a children's size watch, they usually have nice clear faces.

Step 3: Foam Pad

Cut a foam pad to fit the back of the watch.

This provides vibration proofing, and something to tension the zip ties against.

Step 4: The Fiddly Bit

This is the hardest part, pass a zip tie through the ears of the watch and around the terry clip.

Fold the zip tie down and under the terry clip again and tighten.

Do this on both sides, cut the excess tie off, and your finished.

Step 5: Fix to Bike

This can now simply be clipped onto your handlebars, in a position to suit yourself.

Secure with another zip tie.

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    6 years ago

    Simple and great idea, but a waterproof clock is better. You can't remove it in rain.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Getting wet has never been a problem, had these on a number of bikes over the years, all weathers and numerous washes.