The BlackJack Storage Solution

Introduction: The BlackJack Storage Solution

I love my BlackJack and the first thing I bought after I refinanced my house to pay for the bloody thing was an extended battery. The battery door was far better then the original because it created a flat surface for my sticky pads. The next thing I bought was a handful of 1 GB micro SD cards to store movies and music on. I didn't like carrying them around in my pocket and kept misplacing them. One day I was looking at the battery door and thought about all the "dead space" in the top half of it. Then it hit me. Put the storage cards in the battery door, and it turns out it's a lot easier then I thought.

Step 1: Simple Requirements

All you need is a razor knife and a small pair of pliers.

Step 2: Cut Carefully

Try to keep your cuts as close the right edge as possible. The left side should be slightly in from the bisecting plastic ridge. This will act as a guide for the notch in the Trans-Flash chip.

Step 3: Work the Plastic

With the pliers wiggle the ridge back and forth until it becomes lose and free. After a few wiggles you might be able to bend it back and forth with your finger. Don't pull on the ridge or it might break wrong or tear.

Step 4: That's All There Is to It

There are only two bays in the battery door that will so easily accommodate the SD cards but the could be up 6 GB with the one in the chamber. Sometime it helps to get them in by prying on both sides of the plastic with you thumbs in the middle and pushing up. This should make the opening a fraction larger and allow the chip to drop into place. Now you never have to worry about where your media has run off to again.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I did this with my HTC 6800, but decided that I used it too much to be swapping out cards and having to take the battery door off. I lost one of the cards, so now I've got no need for this. I'll upgrade to a higher capacity though.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Radio Shack only or eBay but they are a Radio Shack / Leatherman joint effort.

    ingenious! i was thinking of getting a blackjack but i decided on the rokr e6. its a really awsome phone and you should check into it when you are looking into getting a new phone. Its only distributed unlocked in the USA right now so it will still be "ahead of the game" when you look into getting a new phone. nice instructable tho over all, simple, nice clear pictures, my little sister or my technologically challenged mother could even do it. and thats amazing (my mom wont shut down her computer without logging off first then clicking shut down when she could have just clicked shut down to begin with lol) again nice instructable gr8 idea