Introduction: The Blind Rubik's Cube

This Rubik's Cube made here is an addition to a regular rubiks cube except this one can be used by the blind. This rubiks cube is not just limited to the blind but seeing people could also use it too! It is indeed a toy for everyone! This could be a DIY build right at the comfort of your home. Just follow these few simple steps!


Before you start your build you want to make sure you have all you materials so you don't run into any inconviences along the way. Your first material is quite obvious, a rubiks cube! I did not own one before the making of this project so I ordered one off Amazon. The next material you'll need are the gemstones for this project. You'll need to obtain 5 different shapes. Of each shape you will need 9 gemstones. I also ordered these off amazon! These are the only materials you'll need and it's low in cost.


Take your rubix cube and the shape of your choice in gemstones and place nine of them on the desired color side in each block. Repeat this 4 times so you'll have 5 out of 6 of the sides covered. Remember to use a diffeent shape each time.


Looking at these picture is a sample of a turnout of this product. Your build might vary depending on the gemstones you use. In conclusion these particular gemstones were a success. They made the product more dense, gave it a pleasant look, and several users of the product said it gave it better grip. I hope this could bring joy to someone who is visually impaired!

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