Introduction: The Blob

It's summer time and the kids are stuck inside playing when they should be outside enjoying the wonderful outdoors. What's the best way to beat the heat? An expensive water slide park? Maybe, but for my family, its The Blob! You can run, jump, stomp and just lay on it. Watch the waves that you create as they roll from side to side,

The original idea for this project came from Pinterest by the Clumsy Crafter. I thought that it was an amazing idea and that it would be so much fun...and it is!!

It's so simple, you only need a few supplies beat the summer heat.

Step 1: Materials

-4 MIL Plastic Sheeting (3 MIL will also work too)
-heavy duty duct tape
-blue food coloring
-hose and water

Step 2: Plastic Sheeting

First you are going to lay out the plastic sheeting flat on the grass, then just fold it in half. Once the plastic sheeting is folded on itself, tape the open edges. For the best results, make sure to fold over the plastic sheeting before taping. *make sure to leave a small opening for the hose to fit through

Step 3: Watering

Now you're going to utilize the hole that you left open in the plastic sheeting. Just add the water to that spot and as it's filling the blop up, add drops of food coloring. This color will fade throughout the time you're blobing.

As you are filling, you will probably notice a few leaks, this is normal. Just tape them up and it should be good as new.
It took me about an hour to fill the blob.

Caution: make sure you setup your water blob on a flat surface because it will start to roll as it fills up

Step 4: Finish

When you are satisfied with the amount of water in the blob, take the hose out and tape off that section.

Now all that's left to do, is to laugh and enjoy.

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