Introduction: The Acrylic and Rockite Box






Hot glue

Super glue



Hot Plate





Cardboard cutter

Straight Edge

Step 1: Cavities

Using Rhino you will create the designated box and create cavities for other forms.

Start off by creating a 1.5" x 3" x 6". Then cut voids into the box. Using the contour command, slice the box to be laser cut. You will be laser cutting acrylic for your material.

After laser cutting your file, assemble the box using super glue.

Step 2: Formwork

From your laser cut box, create formwork of the voids.

Measure out each void and recreate the shapes with a missing side. Use foam core and hot glue to create this.

Step 3: Pour

For this step you will pour both wax and rockite into your formwork.

First melt wax. Boil hot water in a pot and place a pie pan on top, allowing some steam to escape. In the pie pan you will place a candle, wait until melted and take out wick. You will have wax ready to pour. Keep hot.

Then create your rockite mix. Mix rockite and water together to create the solution.

Once you have both, pour thin layers of both rockite and wax into each piece of formwork. While pouring you can also dribble in the ingredients for effect.

Step 4: Extracting the Form

After waiting for the rockite to dry, peel off the foamcore formwork. Carefully remove extra pieces of foamcore mold shaped form.

Step 5: Extracting the Wax

Melt the wax out of the form using either a hairdryer or oven.

Lay foil out on baking sheet or pan for the melted wax. Use hairdryer under high heat and apply heat to forms until wax melts out. OR put in oven under low heat. Change out foil depending on need as wax may overflow while melting.

Let rockite forms cool down.

Step 6: Place Forms in Cavities

Place forms in corresponding holes.

Using a cardboard cutter, shave off extra rockite or wax.

Add drops of super glue to sides of forms to keep in place in acrylic.