Introduction: The Breakfast on the Go!

Have you ever woken up late for school and had NO time to eat breakfast? Man, those school days are long and as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Well, worry no more because we have the solution: The Breakfast on the Go!

I was always tired of skipping breakfast because I woke up too late and had to ride my bike to school. This resulted in me falling asleep in class and not paying attention to the teacher. So I talked to my friend and we came up with The Breakfast on the Go, a new innovative way of taking your breakfast on your bike and taking off to school, AT THE SAME TIME! Our design makes space for a bowl for  cereal, a cup for juice, rags to clean each hand, and a container for utensils and/or other items you do not want to carry in your pocket. 

In order to create this wonderful piece, you will need:

A wooden board (approximately 7"x 18")
A power-saw 
2 rectangular metal bars
A functional bike
A power drill& screws (around 7 screws) 
Preferred "bullhorn" handlebars
A plastic or foam bowl
A plastic or foam cup
A plastic cylinder container
An unwanted shirt/ rag


Your color spray paint (we chose white)
Mantel piece
Duct Tape/ Glue

Step 1: The Board!

Once you have obtained to wooden board, draw circle of the base of the bowl you are continually going to use on one side of the board.

In the middle of the board, draw the circle of the base of the cup your are continually going to use. 

Step 2: The Cutting!

Once you have drawn the circles on your board, it is now time to cut the holes using the power-saw you have obtained.

*Be careful, you might want adult supervision, you don't want to lose a finger!

Step 3: The Metal Bars!

With the metal bars, which you can purchase at any hardware store, drill holes into each end both bars.

Step 4: The Bike!

For the bike that we chose, we decided to use a fixed geared bike with bullhorns as the handlebars (it was a more open space). Make sure the bike works and runs properly.

Patch any tubes if the bike is flat!

Step 5: Putting the Metal Bars On!

With the two metal bars, drill one side of each bar into one side of the wooden board using the power drill and 2 screws. 

Step 6: Attaching the Board Onto the Stem and Handlebars of the Bike!

With the board and two metal bars, slide it underneath the handlebars and attach the loose ends of the metal bar with the other side of the wooden board using the power drill and 2 screws. 

Step 7: The *Optional Mantel Piece

In order to give your board flavor, obtain a mantel piece for your board and place it on top of the wood. Make sure to cut necessary holes into the matel piece to accomodate the bowl-hole and the cup-hole.

To paste the matel piece, you can either use duct tape (like we did) or glue to secure the matel piece onto the wooden board. 

Step 8: The Cylinder Container!

Using the cylinder container, place it on the far end of the wooden board. Using the power drill and a screw, drill the screw into the bottom of the container to have it firmly placed onto the wooden board. 

Step 9: The Rags!

Cutting an unwanted shirt, or obtaining 2 small rags, place each rag at the corners of the wooden board closer to you by using the power drill and 2 screws to secure the rags.

These rags will be used to clean each hand when riding your bike and eating your breakfast. 

Step 10: Putting It All Together!

Once you have finished placing everything on your bike, you can now place your bowl and cup into each hole of the board. 

Also, don't forget to place any utensils into the container on the far side. We suggest plastic utensils (spoon, fork, knife, etc)

Step 11: You're Done!

Now that you have built your bike, you can now place cereal into the bowl and any kind of juice into your cup and you are off! Make sure to ride your bike diligently as you do not want to spill everything! 

Special thanks to:
Mr. Bording for helping us cut
Omar's bike for being our ginnie pig
Omar's supplies from his house
"FriendOfHumanity" for inspiring us to take on this instructable (they gave us the general idea of this instructable)