Introduction: The Bruh Moment Bowl

Hello everybody I really don’t know why you’re here, but if you want to make something really dumb and weird like the Bruh Moment Bowl then you’re at the right place!

Step 1: Making a Shape

Go on Onshape and create a new document. First you press sketch and the line tool and make a trapezoid any size you want your bowl to be.Then you make a line in the middle so you can resolve it

Step 2: Resolve

To resolve it you press the resolve button which looks like a half circle. When you press the button this screen should pop up.Now you should click on the right or left side of the trapezoid and you press revolve axis and then you press the line in the middle of the trapezoid and it should make it into a bowl shape.

Step 3: Hollow

After that you should press sketch again and press the circle tool and go in the middle and make a circle in the bowl. Now you want to click on the circle and it should become orange and the you press the shell tool and press hollow.

Step 4: Text

Now it should look like this and if you want to put words on it you press the text tool and drag your mouse on the bowl. If you want to put something other than bruh moment that's fine!

Step 5: Extrude

So what you want to do is after you write what you want you press the green check mark. Now you click one the text press the extrude tool and hold the arrow down to make it really small. Press the check mark and you should be done! Find a 3D printer and print it out!