Introduction: The Bubble Experiment

This was an experiment for something for my cats,

It work's like the Halloween inflatable, Air come's in an out at the other end,

About $15 at the Dollars Store,

But figured out that this would not do for what it was intended,

I have a 2nd model in the work's.


Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

The size of the bubble is about 5 foot round, 2.5 feet high,
I had help from my cat.

Step 2: Sewing Every Thing Together

The vinyl of tablecloth protector, does glide very easily in the sewing machine,

Step 3: Blowing It Up

I use a small blower that i had, can't tell you much about it, :)
The pipe is from a big Shop Vac with one of it's attachment,

Step 4: A Video of the Bubble Inflating :)