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Introduction: ​The Bubble Mask Instructable

The Bubble Mask

Project Designers

Josh Reed : Leandro Rolon

The Bubble Mask is part of an on-going collaborative effort, in search of a more contemporary pollution air-mask design. It is motivated by the desire to have access to a more comfortable and visually appealing facemask.

By submitting our project to the Formlabs 3d printing competition we hope to continue our investigation in this and other health/environmentally related projects and if selected, test our theories utilizing a Form1+ 3D Printer.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from the Instructables community!

Josh is an American Industrial designer from Detroit.

Leandro is an American Architect from New York.

Step 1: Say Hello to the Bubble!

Step 2: 3D Printed Facemask Components

Step 3: Design Your Bubble

The Form 1+ is the only HQ resin-based desktop 3d printers on the market. With Form1’s new flexible and transparent materials we hope to able to print flexible frames for maximum user comfort as well as custom-printed face guards for user personalization.

Step 4: Why a Pollution Mask?

The bubble-mask is part of an on-going investigation for the design of a user friendly and effective smog mask. Smog is a combination of smoke with other atmospheric pollutants which affects millions daily. It is estimated that by the year 2050 over 6 million people will die per year due to air pollution. While the US has relatively good air quality you would be surprised to know that the 60 percent of Americans live in areas where air pollution as has reached unhealthy levels which causes early death, cardiovascular harm, reproductive and developmental harm, and can even cause many types of cancer. While pollution masks can drastically reduce these risks they are often viewed as unnecessary and awkward when worn. We hope to change that with the bubble mask.

What we hope to gain by posting this project on instructables;

We want feedback! What are your thoughts on the bubble mask? Do you believe air pollution will worsen as the population increases? would you wear a mask?

In exchange for your feedback we would like to offer the instructables community a 3d modeling tutorial in Sketchup for beginners and mid-level users. If you’re interested in 3d printing, you will want to learn to 3d model. We promise it’s not as intimidating as it seems!

Lastly, we want a Form 1 3d printer!!! A Form 1 3d printer will allow us to continue investigating issues like the air pollution problem and actually test our ideas. Your Votes are much appreciated!!!


Step 5: Downloadable Instructable !!!

The attached Instructable is a in-depth guide to 3d modeling utilizing Sketchup Make 2015. It is downloadable in pdf and word format and is a a good resource for beginners and medium level users (some advanced).

This is not a 3d printing tutorial, instead it aims to introduce several concepts, tools and operations in Sketchup. We encourage testers to and let us know their thoughts . You may need to thicken up some parts depending on your printer.

If you have any questions or comments on the instructable feel free to message me.

Happy Holidays!


Step 6: Enjoy!

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    2 years ago on Introduction

    This can come in handy in times of Corona epidemic.
    How is this been developed further?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting concept! Best of luck in the contest, too!