Introduction: The Bucky "Disco" Ball

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Anyone who has a set of NeoCube Balls must have made the infamous "Buckyball" am I right? Well anyways if you don't have a set of NeoCube balls and you are just itching to make the Bucky "Disco" Ball then I have put the link to their website at the end of my Instructable. Hope you enjoy my second Instructable. I attached mine (by MAGNETIC FORCES ooooohh) to my chandelier.

Step 1: Materials

- One "BuckyBall" (instructions on how to make the "BuckyBall" on the second link at the end of this instructable)
-One LED any colour
-A watch battery (any will do)
-2 wires
-Electrical tape
- A small LED holder to make it easier to attach the wires (optional)

Step 2: Just the Beginning

Get your "BuckyBall". and take out the first/smallest/1x1x1x1x1 pentagon, and then the next/second/slightly bigger/2x2x2x2x2, and then the next/third/even bigger/3x3x3x3x3 now you have the hole to put your LED/simple circuit in.

Step 3: Making the Circuit

Make a simple circuit using the 2 wires, the LED and the battery. Do not use a nine volt like I did. Look at the picture if you need a visual.

Step 4: Now Put It All Together

Put the circuit into the hole in the "BuckyBall", close up the hole with more NeoCube balls. Now it's ready. You can also include a switch in your circuit. Or cut the wire from the LED to the battery and attach the wire to the one of the magnets in the "BuckyBall" so that whenever you want to turn it on, it makes the process much easier. Hang it up with more NeoCube balls if you wish. I hope you have fun making this Instructable. WARNING: CREATES A MESMERIZING AND SLIGHTLY ADDICTIVE EFFECT, PLEASE USE CAREFULLY. lol

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