Introduction: The Bumper Sticker Game

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Remember the license plate game? This is liked an amped-up version, played with bumper stickers, car magnets and car decals. I made it up years ago to keep the kids busy while I was driving - which I did (and still do) a lot. It sounds pretty mellow until you're actually playing with your ridiculously competitive family. Then it's a fun way to pass the time (without any electronics).

Step 1: What You Need


Just look out your car windows while you're on the road. Or keep your eyes peeled when you're out for a walk. As long as there are vehicles around (which is like, almost everywhere), you can play.

Step 2: The Rules

The game starts once the engine is on or someone declares the start. Then everyone playing keeps their eyes peeled for car magnets, decals and bumper stickers. The first person to spot something and call out, gets the points for the spotted vehicle.

For Example:

"Red van, 2 decals!!"

"White truck, bumper sticker!"

"RV, 3 magnets!"

What Counts:

Only count items added to the vehicle by the driver for self expression. "My child is an honor student", political messages, "I brake for turtles", "My other car is a Tardis" all count.

Stickers, decals etc. that are an intrinsic part of a car or truck don't count. So things like; logos, "makes wide turns", "flammable gas" and "how is my driving" don't get points.

Of course, a lot of this is open to interpretation. You might want to decide who will be your arbiter before you begin.

Step 3: Scoring

1 POINT - Car Magnets - these are pretty common, so get the fewest points

2 POINTS - Car Decals - can be any kind

3 POINTS - Car Decals - groupings, like the stick family

4 POINTS - Real, old-fashioned, sticky Bumper Stickers

6 POINTS - Bumper stickers that are actually on the bumper

Step 4: How to Win

Pick a number of points. First to reach that number, wins.


Whoever has the most points at the end of a ride, walk, trip or outing wins.

Step 5: Have Fun!

I made up the rules, so adjust them as you want. It's just a game.

And let me know if any of you try it. Thanks!

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