Introduction: The Bunny - Master Model

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Making Designer Art-Toys | By Matt Jones aka Lunartik 2015

Step 1. The Master Model - The Bunny
Here's the steps about how I produce a Master Model ready for silicone tooling and resin casting.

You will need:
- Super Sculpey Clay
- An Oven
- Nitrile gloves.
- Silver Foil - Baking paper.
- Flexible thin Plastik Sheet.
- Spray Primer Paint - Grey
- Wet & Dry Paper - Fine Grade
- Household Cleaning Cloth
- Vapour Mask

Step 1: Building a Master Model Using Super Sculpey Clay

Step by Step - Bunny Creating.

1.Ear Making:
Take a small blob of Super Sculpey and kneed it very well for 2 mins.
TOP TIP >> Wear gloves to avoid finger prints on your work.

2. Shape 2 small ears, and bake them in the oven for 4 mins on a low heat.
(pre-baking finished parts is very important).

TOP TIP >> Before you bake anything, take a small blob of sculpey and make a flat round disk shape about 1mm thick and put this under any clay objects. this disk stops your sculpts from burning on the base - very handy!

3. Body Making:
Make the body shape from another blob, and push the ears into the shape.

4. Bring it together:
Blend the ears into the body using your fingers and sculpting tools. As the ears are solid it makes working easier and something to hold onto while you're working.

5. Once you're done, place the completed Bunny back inside the oven at a low temperature and leave it for about 10 mins. (you can re-bake Super Sculpey about 3 times.)

6. Remove it from the oven and leave for 10 mins to cool down.

7. Face Details:
Now the clay is hard its a great time to add the fun face details. Using a Sculpting Tool like a small Hand Drill or Craft Knife to drill out eyes and carve in the mouth. Use sanding paper to perfect the details.

TOP TIP>> It's totally up to you if you add details before or after you bake.
I add face details after I bake because I get a more accurate finish this way.

CAUTION ! > BE careful when using a knife.

8. Primer Time:
Spray paint it with grey primer (leave this for 2 hours to harden), the paint shows you any imperfections in your work.

CAUTION ! > (Make sure your in a well ventilated space and you're wearing a vapour mask for protection)

9. Wet & Dry:
Take Wet and Dry sand paper and sand down the areas until you remove all the problems areas.

TOP TIP>> Use plenty of water with your Wet & Dry paper, it makes for an even smoother finish. 8. Give it a re-spray and leave it to dry, giving it a re-spray leaves a uniformed finish to your piece, which will be nice when you finally mould it and cast it.

10. Smooth Finish:
You can make your Bunny super smooth and shiny by using a household Cleaning Cloth to give it a good buffing.

Step 2: ​You're Now Ready for Silicone Tooling!

You can find out how to do this and more in my new book called Plastik Surgery Handbook It's all about Art-Toy Design, Sculpting, Silicone Tooling, Resin Casting, Painting + Tips & Tricks

I hope you enjoy making my Bunny and i look forward to seeing your new creations! #PlastikSurgery

Matt Jones