Introduction: The Butter Stick

I made this with my friend a few years ago, for our inquiry project back in grade 5. I'm going to show you my method of producing your own.

Step 1: Why Create This?

Each morning, everybody has two pieces of delicious toast were butter is spread for the taste. We are in the 21st century! The method of acquiring a knife and spreading along bread is old school and insufficient. We all have empty gluesticks waiting to be placed in the rubbish. Let's make the most of it.

Step 2: Materials and Equipment

-Old or Unused Gluestick

-Hot Water Source (Kettle)

-Liquid Soap

-Bamboo Skewers


- Knife



-Hobby Knife (Optional)

-WD40 (Optional)

Step 3: Removing the Label

Depending on your glue stick, some labels may be heat shrunk on or adhered to the stick. In my circumstance, the plastic is the label. I just stick to the branding directly above.

Or you are in the other scenario where it is pasted on, you can't use the first method. (People without WD40), firstly submerge under hot warm from the tap for 10 minutes. The heat will soften the adhesive, allowing you to peel and scrap it off. It may cause scratches on the surface of the glue stick. With WD40, spray a generous amount until it is soaked. Wait 10 minutes for the WD40 to soften the glue. It should come off in one piece.

Step 4: Cleaning Process Step 1

Grab your bamboo skewer and roll up the tissue tightly as possible. Thread this instrument through the small circle were the threads of the glue holder. Next, replace the tissue with fresh ones. Applied this technique to the sides of the interior walls of the glue stick. After this, place some tissue at the inside bottom of the stick. Use the bamboo skewer to compress and move the tissue along to clean the plastic.

Step 5: Cleaning Process Part 2

The glue stick may look clean to the eye, but microscopic organisms could be inside, contaminating your butter. Pour a mixture of water and soap into the container. Close the lid and shake. This will remove all of the sticky residues behind. Secondly, pour hot boiling water into a bowl. Place the glue sticks inside for 10 minutes. Remove them and dry them with some tissues.

Step 6: Cutting and Molding the Butter

Some glue sticks are larger or smaller than others. The block of butter will then vary to mine. I cut out a rough rectangle prism that was around the same as the glue stick holder. You will need to experiment by scarping off little slices of the butter. Next, compress on the blue part.

Step 7: Adding Your Label

The butter I acquired came from a butter block. Which has foil and paper wrapping around it. Frist, I removed the paper and clean it with water. Next, I cut out the foil so it has the same surface area of the glue stick. Sticky tape was used.

(I trimmed the paper without taking photos.)

Step 8: Test Your Product

The butter should go up as you go anti-clockwise. And clockwise as you go down.

Step 9: Future Improvements

Other spreads can be used instead of butter. They may include

- Australian Vegemite

- Peanut Butter

- Jam

- Nutella

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