The Car Simulator

Introduction: The Car Simulator

This is a cheep simulator.

You'll need:

-A ladder

-A steering wheel with pedal

-A computer (obviously)

-A game (I have Dirt 2,F1 2013,Trackmania and Grid 2)

-And a Hi-Fi

And on the photo it is my brother playing :)

Step 1: My Ladder Car Simulator

This is my new lader racing simulator.

Here are the steps to take :

first step) Take a ladder

second step) Attach the steering wheel where you would normally be on.

third step ) Stick the pedals underneath the ladder

fourth step ) Put the hi-fi on the little bucket where you would normally use to put your tools.

fifth step ) Open a game like Dirt 2 and you are ready to go !

Hope you like it !

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    Can anyone tell me how many levels are they in Dirt 2 cause i'm at level 10 ?