Introduction: The Cardboard Corral

I designed and built this to help organize all of the cardboard boxes my students use to build with in our classroom.

Step 1: Gather Materials

I used the following materials:

Mostly purchased from Lowe's Home Improvement Store and Walmart.

8 x ¾ inch 90-Degree Side Elbow Outlet
4 x ¾ inch Formufit 4 way Tee (Amazon sells in an 8 pack, Home Depot in a 4 pack-but not carried in stores, Formufit website sells individually)

4 x ¾ inch PVC caps *could use casters instead

3 x ¾ inch PVC pipe (10 ft each)

1 x 3/4 inch PVS pipe (5 ft) (you will need a total of 364 inches of PVC)

1 x Sterlite 41 Qt. underbed box *This is intended to keep small scraps off the floor.

2x 2 packs 48 inch bungee cords

PVC cutter

*PVC glue (I intend to glue all the pieces together once I am in my new classroom)

Step 2: Measure and Cut PVC Pipe

You will need the following pieces:
6 x 34 in

2 x 21.5 in

2 x 15 in

2 x 14 in

4 x 6.5 in

4 x 6 in

2 x 4.5 in

Here's how I broke it down for each of the 3 10 foot lengths of pipe and one 5 foot length. I adjusted my original plan, so you will have extra pipe for bonus projects! (or extra in case you mess up... like I did)

1st 10 foot piece

3 x 34 in pieces

3 x 6 in pieces

2nd 10 foot piece

2 x 34 in pieces

2 x 21.5 in pieces

2 x 4.5 in pieces

3rd 10 foot piece

4 x 6.5 in pieces

2 x 15 in pieces

1 x 14 in piece

1 x 34 in piece

1 x 6 in piece

5 foot piece

1 x 14 in piece

Step 3: Assemble

Use the diagram and picture of finished product to assemble the PVC pieces. You can choose to use PVC glue to make it more permanent and to help it hold up better to the abuse of the users. (I have not done this step yet, but plan to at a later date).

I wrapped the bungee cords around the middle to help contain any smaller pieces of cardboard that have already been cut. These can be adjusted as needed.

Set the under bed box on top of the lower level and you're finished!