Introduction: The Cart of the Past

By: Mike and Taylor

Step 1: Frame Construction

1. Buy Two 10 foot long 3/4 thick conduit

2also buy to 90 degree connectors

3. Cut conduit 3/7 on both

4.attach connectors and screw in

Step 2: Get Four Pieces of Wood and Put Them on the Cart As Shown.

preferably buy 2 full length 2 by fours and cut them in half and attach with conduit attachers

Step 3: Get a Square Piece of Wood and Drill It Down to Make a Seat

Any semi durable ply wood will work

Cut to match the area of the four planks if necessary

Step 4: Add a Back Rest.

use whatever remains of the piece of plywood as main backrest

Cut two triangular pieces of the same angle and screw them down onto the base.

screw main backrest over giving a leaning angle

Step 5: Make Two Big Wheels and Two Small Wheels Out of Wood Using a Precision Saw

Make sure you use at least two inch thick wood

The two large wheels should match in size and the small wheels should match in size

Sand sand sand!!!!! Make them as smooth rolling as possible

Step 6: Attach Pieces of Wood to the Wheels to Make Them Stay Together.

simply take any 2 by 4 with the right length and screw them to wheels to hold wheels in place

Photo will show this easily

Step 7: Unscrew the Metal Frame and Put the Wheels On.

unscrew the metal frame and slide the wheels on

Step 8: Make Sure You Put the Wheels Where You Want Them Then Put the Screws Back Into the Frame.

set wheels in preferred location on frame

Step 9: Put Any Items You Would Usually Carry on the Seat and Then Pull the Cart.

Step 10: Now Your Ready to Go!