Introduction: The Catapulsor


A medium size box (like a blender package)

A smaller box (like a diaper box)

2 paper towel rolls

1 toilet paper roll


box cutter


all steps are in the little boxes in the picture, at the top

Step 1: Cut Something

Cut the flaps of the bigger box and one of the sides of the smaller box.

Step 2: Some Taping

Tape the sides with one (or two) really long strips of tape. Make sure it is airtight

Step 3: Make the Barrel

Cut one of the paper towel rolls at an angle and trace it on the top of the box. Cut that out. Tape the paper towel roll inside the hole.

Step 4: Make the Compression System (No Picture)

To do this, cut the other side of the box and cut a hole in the middle. Save the piece that falls out. Adjust it in the middle of the larger box. On the circle of cardboard I told you to keep, tape some string and put it face down on the hole in the middle. Cut a hole in the side of the box and pull the string through. Seal the top and the flat.

Step 5: Make the Compressor

With the last paper towel roll, and the toilet paper roll, connect them both to look like a T shape. Cut a hole that exactly fits the bottom of the long side of the T. Tape the bottom edges to make a harness like contraption.