Introduction: The Cells-(Make Nerve Cells!)

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You can make really cool animal cells for your next biology project, and I made nerve cells because they look really neat when made with my fave medium- HOT MELT. Check it out. Same as with "The Dungeon" and "Treasure Cave" the hardest part was keeping my cat out of the way, and the best part is playing with the project after making it. Have a look!

Step 1: Use a Cooked Potato to Make a Form for Hot Melt Glue

Start with hot melt glue, of course. A very small cooked potato makes a great form for covering with hot melt glue. As you know from my other projects I LOVE using hot melt glue. Once the glue dries, the soft potato can be squeezed out under running water, leaving only the glue shell.

Step 2: How the New "cells" Look After Potato Gooshed Out.

Here's what the shells look like once the potato is squeezed out.

Step 3: Add Different Items to Make Up the Various Cell Parts

I used beans that were colored red with sharpie to make mitochondrias. I used glitter glue for other parts, and colored hot melt (with sharpies) for the nucleus. I used bird seed for the ribosomes. Some parts I just colored in with sharpies. Pretty soon it started to look cool inside and pretty cool from the outside.

Step 4: Glue the Parts in or Color Them In.

Here are more parts being added. As usual I have to keep Cocoa away from what I'm doing. If you saw my other projects ( Treasure Cave, The Dungeon) you know she gets into everything.

Step 5: Make Sure to Keep Up the Key

Make sure you don't forget to keep the key going, right along with adding things. Or else it would be really hard to do later when you forgot what all you used. Uh oh, Cocoa is getting closer.

Step 6: How the Cells Look Underneath- Pretty Cool

Now you can turn them over and see all the "guts", all the parts they need to live. These are nerve cells, so they have long arms coming out each end to be able to have electricity jump from one to the next. Good thing I am almost done, Cocoa is here!

Step 7: Make a Base for the Cells to "live" In.

To create a scene full of cells that these new cells would fit into, I colored the top of a shoe box, on the inside, with sharpie. Now they have a "home".

Step 8: Here Is the Completed Project!

Here is the completed project, in time to play with over the weekend before turning in for a grade.
I repeat, I LOVE hot melt glue!