Introduction: The Chainless Chainsaw

I was building the K'nexecutioner when I noticed I was short on the chainlinks. Then, I wondered, can I make a chain out of something OTHER than the chainlinks? Then this happened. No, it uses 0 chainlinks, but it's still functional. Cool looking, compact, and in need of opinions. The "Chain" is made of white rods, gray connectors, and red connectors for the blade.

This was made in 30 minutes. It is for the demonstration and function of what I have named the "Chainless Chain." To me, it looks a lot more like a minigun than a chainsaw, but again, only for the demonstration of the concept.

Small, and can be as long as you want it to be.
Uses no chains at all
Goes both forward and backward
Durable and a new concept of chains

Pathetically slow
Looks too wide?
Looks like a minigun
Somewhat jammy, but it's my really weak motor.