Introduction: The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This year my wife told me that she has always wanted to have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the house as decoration. Not just any Charlie Brown Christmas tree though, a large one..... I thought to myself, what a better time to surprise my wife and write an Instructable at the same time.


- 1x 1" Dowel, cut to 6 Feet in length
- 1x 20" piece of 2x4
- 2x 5" pieces of 2x4
- 1x 20" piece of 1x4
- green wire garland (the thicker & stiffer the wire the better)
- Drill with appropriate bits
- Screws
- BROWN Duct Tape and or Hockey Tape. Hockey Tape works best as it is not glossy, and looks grittier, almost like tree bark.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Step 1

- Ensure you have your pieces cut as described. 
- In the center of both the 1x4 and the 2x4 drill down a 1" hole sot hat the dowel will slide in snug.

Step 2: Step 2

- I drilled a couple of pilot holes for the screws that will attach the 5" 2x4 pieces to the bottom of the 1x4. These items will keep the stand level. I also drilled some pilot holes around the 1" hole of the 1x4, which will be for attaching the 2x4 underneath.
- Attach the 5" 2x4 pieces to the bottom edges of the 1x4
- lay the 1x4 on top of the 2x4, creating an X shape. Line up the holes and screw the pieces together.

Step 3: Step 3

- Take the dowel and wrap a thin layer of duct and or hockey tape around it. It does not have to be smooth or perfect, trees aren't.
- Using a picture for reference, such as the Charlie Brown picture attached, take a small drill bit and drill some holes, diagonally down where the branches will hang from.

Step 4: Step 4

- Cut lengths of the wire garland for your branches
- wrap the extensions around the garland into itself creating a tighter package, leaving the very end pieces open for effect.
- Wrap a thin layer of duct tape around the tightened down pieces of garland, providing a "girdle" of sorts to keep them in place.
- attach the open wire end into the holes you drilled and smooth them into place with Duct Tape as well.

Step 5: Completion

- Once you have completed the first run through of the duct tape and garland, take another run over it to fill in any openings, tighten any loose/unstable pieces and to simply give it another layer for effect.
- Assemble the tree to the stand and add a large red Christmas tree ball for obvious effect.
- If the top branch is too flimsy add a wire hanger into the mix, this will provide better support for the ball you are hanging.

Step 6: Awww.......

And there we have it, all complete. My wife's only complaint, the ball wasn't big enough... Guess what I'm buying next..... That being said, I will end off here with a picture of my helper wearing her festive hat.