Introduction: The Cheap IPod Dock


This has the title CHEAP on it to resemble that it is an ipod dock, but not a good one
Maybe one day I will make one that is not cheap, but actually costs some money and looks good

You Will Need:
1. iPod
2. USB Cable that came with your iPod
3. A small box made out of tin, metal, wood, or cardboard ( I suggest a tin box because it is stronger)
4. Scissors
5. Recycled or Scrap Paper
6. Packing Foam / Syrafoam

Step 1: Organization

Line up all of your materials
Yeah, I know this is a waste of a step

Step 2: Cut

First cut the edges of the foam so that they fit the tin box
Then, cut a hole as big as the Usb cable in the middle of the foam
Finnaly, you must cut a small part of the foam off of the back of the foam, as shown.

Step 3: Fill

This Step Is Simple
Fill up the tin box with the scrap paper up to the top

Step 4: Almost Done...

Put the foam on the box
Make sure that it looks good
Put the iPod end of the usb cable in the hole in the middle of the foam
Move the cable through the hole at the back of the foam
Plug the usb cable into the computer
Put the foam onto the box again

Step 5: Dock It!

The Final and Most Challenging Step, Docking Your iPod
Plug the iPod into the Usb Cable sticking out of the foam

Have Fun Charging Your iPod